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Комментарии читателей NY Times о ситуации на Украине

Аватар пользователя nmarat
Lawmakers in Crimea Move Swiftly to Split From Ukraine



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Аватар пользователя Bledso
Bledso(5 лет 8 месяцев)(20:35:42 / 17-03-2014)

Трэш и угар!

Мы утверждали:
1948 Израиль меньшинство - воля народа
1953 Ирана Моссадык большинство - тирания
1990 Алжир FIS большинство - тирания
2005 Хезболла большинство - иранские марионетки
2006 Хамас большинство - иранские

2011 Южный Судан меньшинство - воля народа
2011 сирийские террористы - воля народа
2012 Египет большинство - MB (Мубарак?) махинации
2014 Украина меньшинство - воля народа
2014 Крым большинство - Провокация Путина

Еще какой-то странный Сергей С. из России:

Sergey S.
Russia 1 hour ago
In Ukraine, during the last time fought for power and Timashenko Yushchenko , while not ignoring the interests of ordinary people do not . Advantage of this situation by radical groups ( Nazis ) that using weak Ukraine committed an armed coup , while Yushchenko ( legitimate president ) was forced to flee the country.

Мне очень хотелось бы, чтобы кто-то объяснил мне, почему все это имеет значение для США и почему наши лидеры, кажется, хотят  конфликта с Россией.

И просто феерия! Та-дам! Отжигает некий киевлянин, пытаясь провести аналогию Крымского референдума с возможным отторжением Калифорнии Мексикой от США! (извините, переводить уж не стану)

Mind you, most of the key Cabinet appointments in the new Republican government have just been filled with Mexican Americans. The Mexican government says that Republican goon squads are terrorizing Catholics and Jews, but Catholics and Jews immediately go on air throughout the country and California to say that's not true. Unmarked Mexican troops pour into California - historically part of Mexico, after all - and take control of the airports, roads, TV stations, radio stations, Internet hubs, and oil facilities offshore. US media is banned from entering or broadcasting into California, and Californians now only receive inflammatory and fabricated news from Mexico City. Mexican soldiers are now everywhere in California, but they also work with recent Mexican immigrants - actually arming them - to set up "self defense squads" to intimidate the local population and stop anyone who is pro-US from publicly protesting. Native Americans, who were historically persecuted in Mexico, are particularly terrified, and targeted. Mexico announces a snap referendum with only two choices: independence for California or annexation by Mexico.

All the while Mexico has been trying to provoke US soldiers still trapped in their California bases to fire first, justifying a wider invasion at least of the territory lost in the Mexican American War, and ominously, Mexico asserts the right to invade any part of the US where Mexican Americans live in order to protect them. The Native Americans state publicly they won't participate in the sham of a referendum, which Mexico has forbidden the UN, the EU and the OSCE from monitoring. Rather, they hire their own monitors from Guatemala. The "referendum" happens and - to no one's surprise - 97 percent of Californians vote for independence! This is highly believable given the complete lack of a California Independence movement only two weeks ago.
For the New York Times and others to uncritically report the "results" of this fabricated vote does a great disservice to those trying to understand the situation. It is impossible to have a free and fair vote in a context of media suppression, armed intervention and the harassment of those likely to vote against secession - if that were even an option on the ballot, which it was not.

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